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Lord Cab mounts for trucks, off-highway vehicles and heavy duty equipment provide vibration control within the cabin, to avoid wear out of the vehicle’s body while providing comfort to the driver. These mounts can isolate vibration, reduce maintenance costs and lessen downtime while providing drivers comfort. Let us help you eliminate unwanted vibration with DeltaFlex supplied rubber parts. 

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Compression Load Range: 300-9,300 lbs (1,334-41,385 N)
Max. Radial Static Loads: 200 - 8200 lbs (890 - 36,475 N)
Compression Load Range: 120 - 500 lbs. (534 - 2,225 N)
Compression Load Range: 75 - 2,100 lbs

Compression Load Range: 40 - 3,450 lbs
Compression Load Range: 180 - 2,560 lbs
Compression Load Range: 700 - 1,570 lbs
Compression Load Range: 1,000 - 1,500 lbs