Holder | LORD Heavy-Duty Plateform Mount

Part # 283PH-400

LORD Heavy-Duty Plateform Mounts provide effective isolation against vibration. The contour of the flexing element was developed to provide uniform stress distribution. This, plus high strength bonding and the use of specially compounded elastomers, provides maximum service life.

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283PH-400 283PH-400 283PH-400 283PH-400
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Max Axial Rated Load 400 lbs. / 1779 N
Axial Spring Rate 1600 lbs./in.  /  280.7 N/mm
Part No. 283PH-400 | 283PH400
Manufacturer LORD Corporation
Part Category Vibration Control
Part Section Plateform Mounts
Part Series Heavy-Duty Plateform Series
Part Type Holder - 283 Series
Snubbing Washer J-2049-4 (see Accessories Tab for more info)
Part Status
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Catalog Page No.
Catalog Section Page No.
Rubber Parts Catalog Plateform Mounts Page 6
PC7000 Plateform Mounts Page 22
PC-2201m Plateform Mounts Page 24



Dimensions Under No Load Technical Drawing
Dimension Measurement Notes
A 2.88 in. / 71.1 mm Reference Dimension
D 0.516 in. / 13.1 mm +0.016"   -0.005"
I 2.500 in. / 63.5 mm  
K 6.500 in. / 165.1 mm  
L 5.250 in. / 133.4 mm +/- 0.016"
M 0.58/0.55" / 14.7/14mm  
O 3.880 in. / 98.6 mm Reference Dimension
P 0.220 in. / 5.6 mm Reference Dimension
T 2.750 in. / 69.9 mm  
U 0.500 in. / 12.7 mm Reference Dimension
VR 2.250 in. / 57.2 mm Reference Dimension
NOTE: Red figures are metric reference.  



Snubbing Washers

Snubbing washers provide an interlocking system of metal parts which act to prevent damage from overload or excessive shock impact.  Steel washers are plated.

Series No. Part No. O.D I.D. Thickness
283 J-2049-4 2.88 in. (73.2 mm) 0.52 in. (13.2 mm) 0.125 in. (3.2 mm)



Notes: Red figures are metric reference.



0.xx = ± 0.03 in. (± 0.762 mm)    0.xxx = ± 0.015 in. (± 0.381 mm)

Mounting bolt holes are + 0.005 in. ( 0.127 mm ) and - 0.002 in. (0.050 mm)

Isolation Performance

Refer to Engineering Guide, Sample Problems section for a step by step method to calculate system natural frequencies and isolation efficiency.


Metal parts are cold rolled steel or alodized aluminum alloy. Flexing elements are specially compounded natural rubber. Steel holders for holder-type mountings are plated. Unplated steel parts are coated with specially prepared rust preventative for protection during shipment or storage.

Smaller Loads

For loads under 120 lbs. (534 N) use a Plateform Series Mount.

Radial Spring Rate

Radial spring rate is approximately two to three times the listed axial spring rate.

Custom Designs

Customized designs and special elastomer compounds for specific problems are available. These may result in spring rates and dimensions other than shown.

A part’s listing on this website does not guarantee its availability.


Custom Parts

Our custom molding department can make a part just for your application.


Would you like some assistance in selecting the right mount for your application?  Our engineering department can help.  Please call or use the webform below.  We will be glad to assist.

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Engineering Assistance

"Frequently vibration isolation problems require a system engineering analysis..." - Put us to work for you.

DeltaFlex has the computer capability, as well as specialized programs, for analyzing engine/transmission combinations. The output from these analyses is a mounting proposal which optimizes performance over the complete range of operating speeds. This service is available to you upon request. If you require this type of engineering assistance please call 800.657.0747 we will be glad to assist you.

What is the impact of Vibration Control?

The biggest impact that vibration isolation can have, is with the end users of our customers products, more importantly their perception of the quality of those products.

Values states herein represent typical values as not all test are run on each lot produced. For formalized product specifications or specific product end uses, contact Customer Service 262.632.2345.

A part’s listing on this website does not guarantee its availability.